Services and our Region

Thinking about your health and well being, our team seeks to provide you unique and magical moments and can arrange a variety of activities to make your stay full of good experiences, with the exuberant nature of the Mirror Beach or other places in the region. Try our services, which are offered in a natural and holistic perspective. Among the options, we can highlight:


Wellness & Activities

Sessions of 30 minutes:

  • Back and shoulders (relaxing massages, providing effective reduction of localized stresses relieving muscle pain);
  • Reflexology (relaxing foot massage that will work some foot reflex points corresponding to each organ, gland and body structure);
  • Head / Face (massage applied to the shoulders, neck, head and face, through pressure and massage on specific points. It helps eliminate stress and ease the mind. Relieves headaches and can lead to a feeling of deep relaxation);
  • Massage revitalizing to the legs (massage that uses techniques of lymphatic drainage providing a sense of relief and lightness of tired legs. It ends with essential oil application of rosemary with soothing effect. It helps to activate blood and lymphatic circulation).
It is a healthy activity, always practiced in contact with nature and that requires discipline, determination, spirit of adventure, teamwork and planning for any trip is successfully completed.
We offer you a capoeira teacher, giving lessons to children and adults, teaching techniques, the swagger, the songs and the Bahia capoeira instruments.
We propose the descent of Espelho River, a wonderful water table, completely wrapped in the green nature!
  • Horse rides: We work with the Chibio, they are horses of great size and the best quality. We recommend walks along the beach, the cliffs and forest.
  • Hiking: We can suggest you the hikes with local guides, trails bordering the sea, following the river or entering the forest.
Surf lessons and Kite surfing on the beaches of the mirror, Itaquena and Caraíva.

Please check at the hotel about the values of these services, the availability and scheduling.

The region

Apart from the beauty of the Espelho Beach, with its golden sands, blue and green sea mirroring the sun’s rays, the river with its mangrove and coconut trees surrounding your bungalow, you can also devote time to the discovery of other charms of nature and people of the region, in small trips around. So we suggest some itineraries: